Mental radionics and fulfilling the desires! by Ioana Lavinia Baciu

Practical guide of self-development and personal transformation.

 ‘Mental radionics, law of resonance, fulfilling desires, graphic mental radionics`. – mental motivational techniques, establishing objectives and activation of subconscious power! Spiritual radionics techniques for positively influencing life situations and manifesting desires! Attract in your life prosperity, happiness and balance! From now on you will lead your personal life, your career or your business towards fulfilling your wishes and to success!

This practical guide of mental radionics addresses to people who want a personal growth, to those who want to develop their abilities of working with the subconscious, to those who want to have a better, a healthier physical and emotional life, to those who want to attract in their lives prosperity and personal and professional good relations.

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How this guide will help you?

-you will learn how to establish your objectives and your actions meant to guide your way to prosperity, balance and success!

  • You will learn motivational techniques for pass over the obstacles which you are aware of or not
  • You will understand the power of subconscious and the force of positive statements meant to attract everything you want for your personal life, career, relations or business.
  • You will learn to use different radionic graphs from sacred geometrie (the pentagram, the circle, the flower of life, anthakarana, the Servranx rhombus) and also how to use the magic pendulum
  • You will learn how to transmitt energy by using radionic graphs for positive influencing your different life situations or for helping your beloved ones.
  • You will became much confident for all your decisions and actions and you will think like the people you believed until today, that they are magicians.
  • You will know to channel mental strengh, the personal energy and the universal energy so you will attract all the best and beneficial for you, for your superior good and for the good of the ones around you!

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