Take the advantage of the wonderful reiki spiritual art and improve your health, your work and business!

Become a reiki practitioner or a reiki master-teacher today!

NLP & Reiki Solutions comes to meet the ones who desire to learn the Japanese traditional  Reiki, remotely. Reiki is an energetic technique for relaxation, balance and healing, using universal energy. Certainly you heard about of exceptional benefits of reiki treatments, but maybe you didn't  have the chance to participate at a specialized course of this technique.

The reasons are different: maybe such a course was not organized in your hometown and it will not be soon enough, maybe this type of courses are organized at a great distance from your residence and you cannot find the time and money to attend. there, maybe your health at that time did not allow you to attend such an event where you would have to sit for many hours in a chair for at least a few days, maybe even if you wanted to attend, something stopped you: either you were not there at the time or you had to work in those days or you had a very important event in your family or you may want to learn this wonderful technique, away from the eyes of those who do not understand your desire for personal growth and development. As I said the reasons are many and various. That is the reason why we offer you the chance of learning and to be initiate in Reiki technique from distance, staying in your home, in the comfort and at the time chose by you.

In this way, you could make this wanted step for your personal development, without leaving away from home, without take pause from work, without leaving your family and loved ones and with a must lower budget than the one you would have assigned to the  courses held in classic way, because for remote Reiki courses  neither you or us trainers, we do not have expenses with travel, hotel, meal or rent the conference room.

Now is clear and possible! You heard about Reiki wonder, you want to be initiate in this technique, for your personal good and your loved ones, or for you to became a great therapist in help for people who needs this kind of treatment. Now you can do this from distance, from the comfort of the place chose by you.

Initiation from distance is just that efficient as initiation „face-to-face”, because this is the greatness of Reiki: being generate from The Source of everything that exists, it has no limits, may be transmitted from any distance and can be access by remote initiation by anyone who really want to. Welcome! I dearly invite you to be one of this wonderful Reiki world!


Reiki master-teacher, author of "The magical healing rays"